Oklahoma tax deduction still available for college savings


 Oklahoma City (June 22, 2020) With this year's tax deadline extended,
    State Treasurer Randy McDaniel wants to remind Oklahomans that there is
    still time for a 2019 state income tax deduction by investing in their
    children or grandchildren's higher education.

    The deadline to file 2019 state and federal income taxes is Wednesday,
    July 15, and contributions made to an Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan
    (OCSP) account through that date are eligible.

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Senate Minutes with Senator Chuck Hall

T h e C OV I D - 1 9 p a n d e m i c has resulted in many challenges in terms of public health, our economy and the multiple impacts it’s had on our lives. Already busy parents had to figure out how to continue their children’s education through distance learning while working from home themselves, and many were trying to figure out how to make ends meet when one or both parents has been laid off or temporarily furloughed.