Red Glove Project kicks off

Angel Fire Equestrian Center, a nonprofit program working with horses and kids in Coyle, is sponsoring their annual “Red Glove Project” again this winter season. Any color of gloves, hats or scarves, as well as monetary donations will be accepted. The Hands of Jesus Food Pantry, God’s Food Bank and Angel Fire will all be accepting donations and distributing them to the needy in our community.
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Tea Time: Guthrie Public Library’s Fifth Annual Crowns Tea


The Guthrie Public Library has partnered with the Oklahoma Humanities Council to host the Fifth Annual Crowns Tea on Saturday Feb. 22 from 1-4:30 p.m. This year’s theme is “I’m Every Woman” and Suzette V. Chang, the Director of Library Services, said the theme is a representation of the diverse attendees that come from across the state to participate in the event and serves as a platform for Oklahoma women to speak about who they are and push against traditional stereotypes of what an Oklahoma woman should be.