Sales tax numbers are out


The sales tax numbers are out, and Guthrie had another solid month with a three-percent increase over the February 2020 report. The report covers sales from December 16-30 and January 1-15.

Guthrie received $571,095 this month compared to $555,952 in 2020. The numbers were down from last months numbers of $628,596. The $15,143 increase now has the city at $166,112 ahead of last year five months into the fiscal year. The city is also $38,588 ahead of their budget plan for sales tax currently with a plan of $7 million for the fiscal year the city has received approximately $2.96 million in sales tax revenues this year. The Capital Improvement tax balance is at $591,061 through the first five months of the fiscal year. The sales use tax which the city collects on internet sales and deliveries was at $108,436 which is $7,000 better than last month’s $101,323 and $9,000 better than last year when the city collected $99,671. The use tax is $85,157 ahead of last year and $60,897 ahead of the budget plan which is 16-percent ahead of last year.

The sales tax for the county was at $246,819 compared to $226,287 in 2020 and was slightly ahead of last month’s numbers of $243,069. The good news is the use tax collections were up 25-percent with $91,872 last month compared to $73,803 last year and 75,215 collected last month

Cashion had a rough month with only $11,165 received on this report compared to almost $18,300 in 2020, a40-percent drop in revenues. Cashion’s use tax revenues were also down slightly from 2020 with the town receiving $13,500 this year compared to $14,800 in 2020. Crescent saw a 10-percent drop from down to $31,081. The use tax revenues were up $500 over 2020.

Coyle was up significantly receiving $2,763 compared to $1,746 in 2020. Langston was down 50-percent receiving $5,733 compared to $10,656 in 2020. However, their sales use tax was up $6,000 on this month’s report. With $10,330 compared to $4,074 last year.

Up north, Marshall, Mulhall, and Orlando saw little or no growth in their tax revenues. Marshall was down 33-percent to $2,995. Mulhall was up $525 over last year and Orlando was up $4,000 over their 2020 numbers.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission disbursed $166.2 million this month to all the cities and towns. That is an increase of $3.6 million over February 2020. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $34.9 million. In county returns, the counties shared in a $27.1 million for the sales tax and another $6.1 for the use tax.