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Mr. 300

After helping lead the Ripley Warriors to a state championship in 2002 as an assistant coach, Josh Sumrall became the head coach for the Coyle Bluejackets the following season. He still remembers his first home game of his head coaching career.
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Fields formally charged with second degree murder


Clyde Marquette Fields was formally charged with murder in the second degree in Payne County yesterday, Feb. 6th.

Fields is alleged to have been involved in the death of Roshauna Deshae Ray on January 4, 2020. Ray was found unconscious with multiple stab wounds in front of Mercy Hospital in Logan County where she was later pronounced dead. 

Red Glove Project kicks off

Angel Fire Equestrian Center, a nonprofit program working with horses and kids in Coyle, is sponsoring their annual “Red Glove Project” again this winter season. Any color of gloves, hats or scarves, as well as monetary donations will be accepted. The Hands of Jesus Food Pantry, God’s Food Bank and Angel Fire will all be accepting donations and distributing them to the needy in our community.