OG&E Controlled Blackouts

  • OG&E

OG&E Manager of Community Affairs Spencer Browne provided updates on the controlled blackouts in the area. 

“The persistent and extreme cold weather has led to region-wide electricity use that it is making power availability tight and will most likely get tighter. Which could result in controlled interruptions.


“We are trying to confirm how long customers would be off at this time. I will get that information out to you, as soon as I have it.   


“This is due to several reasons: 


  1. This historic cold weather is affecting the physical operation of power plants across the (Southwest Power Pool) SPP service territory, not just here in Oklahoma.
  2. Renewable power resources are off line due to freeze-off and limited wind availability.
  3. There is also a tight supply of gas, suppliers are experiencing equipment freeze-offs, which is making it very hard to move large quantities of gas. Also, the price of gas has skyrocketed.

The SPP is the coordinating authority and we respond to their call for energy preservation when it is necessary to safeguard the integrity and reliability of the regional grid.”