City of Guthrie Experiencing Extreme Water Consumption

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    City of Guthrie

The City of Guthrie is experiencing extreme water consumption during the recent inclement weather conditions. Normal flows for this time of year are around 400gpm, but over the last three days the water plant has been pushing limits of 2600gpm. To date we have been able to keep up, but it is severely challenging our water production capacity. 


There are probably multiple factors at play that explain our current extreme water consumption. A large number of residential customers are running their faucets around the clock in an effort to prevent their water pipes from freezing.  Unfortunately multiple residential and commercial customers have already experienced ruptured water pipes as a result of the subzero temperatures that have collectively resulted in substantial water loss. Further, the City has experienced some significant water leaks in the City’s water distribution system. We are not for sure that there may be additional water line breaks yet to be identified. The City is repairing the water line breaks on our system as quickly as we can. If the general public notices any leaks in our water lines please notify the Public Works Office at the number listed below.  


We understand the situation that are customers are going through, but to the degree possible we are asking all commercial and residential customers to conserve water usage until we get back to normal conditions.


Curtailing the extreme water consumption is vital for multiple reasons as follows:

❖ To ensure adequate water supply is available for emergency circumstances, such as structure fires

❖ To ensure that we maintain water flow and pressure throughout the system for all customers

❖ If the system water pressure gets to low, the city would have to issue a boil water order


To keep it in perspective, the City of Guthrie is not the onlyOklahoma community that is experiencing issues with their Water Treatment Plants during the recent extreme cold, but collectively we can work our way through this situation. Better weather is around the corner!!


For questions, contact:

Public Works Office


Water Treatment Plant 




Public Works Director

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