Vision to get Guthrie designated as Patriotic Flag City, USA

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Vision to get Guthrie designated as Patriotic Flag City, USA

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 07:02
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We at the American Legion have a vision to get Guthrie designated as the “Patriotic Flag City, U.S.A.”

This project is to have ALL Citizens, City Government, Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Businesses, Homeowners, Schools, and ALL people of Guthrie involved!! The idea in this project is to display flags throughout the City of Guthrie. We are going to show our Patriotism and Americanism to our families, friends, neighbors, and visitors who would come to see the flags waving in the Oklahoma winds. We are envisioning flying the American flag, all military flags, and patriotic flags. We believe that we are in a period in American History that Patriotism and Unity in America is needed! Americans can unite, it’s our country, flags are a big part of who we are, the United States of America!!

Since March 14, we have been shut down, closed up in our homes, changing our behaviors as relationships have suffered. We don’t want this time in history to be the start of the decline of America!! As a City, come together as a Patriotic American City to show others, towns, cities, and states that Oklahomans are a pioneering breed.

This State started with the land run and now, 131 years later, we are ready to start a new run of Patriotism. So, the American Legion which started 100 years ago, wants to start a new vision of Patriotism and Americanism, so everyone’s spirit can be energized in getting back to where we were three months ago. Due to the covid-19 virus, the American Legion’s hope is that the City of Guthrie and its citizens will get onboard and transform Guthrie into this “Patriotic Flag City, U.S.A.”

The American Legion will be working with the Mayor, City Council, Chamber of Commerce, organizations, businesses, schools, and citizens who are wanting to support this project. ALL “Guthrieites” doing something BIG for Guthrie!!

On Flag Day, Sunday, June 14, 2020, from 1:00- 4:00 p.m., the American Legion is having a celebration at the American Legion Hall, with a flag retirement. Hot dogs, chips, and soda will be available. This is your chance to bring flags that need to be retired. Also, if you have ideas or input to share, we would like to hear from you to help move this project forward.

The American Legion has a vision of moving Guthrie to the forefront of honoring our flag on Flag Day and throughout the year. Guthrie will be promoting Patriotism, Americanism, and most of all, Pride in this Great Country. Let’s make Guthrie even more proud of its history of being in the heart of this Great Country. Let’s all work together on this Flag Project.

The American Legion will have good quality American flags available for purchase. Also, you will be able to order military and patriotic flags, and flagpoles (telescoping and stationary). The American Legion will help residents and businesses install poles and flags that are purchased through the Legion.

Contact American Legion, 405-282-2589. Leave a message, if no answer, or come by on Mondays.