Unemployment rate jump to 2.9%

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Unemployment rate jump to 2.9%

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 05:16
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The January unemployment numbers for Logan County came out on March 20. The county was one of 21 counties across the state that saw their unemployment numbers go up in January. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) report shows Logan County jumped to 2.9 percent unemployment which was up from the 2.6 percent reported in December. Compared to a year ago, the county did drop from the 3.3 percent in January 2019.

The report shows the local labor force at 22,010 people which is 88 less than the 22,098 in December 2019. The employment force also dropped but by 156 people from 21,524 to 21,368 in a month’s time period. Those numbers pushed the unemployment numbers up to 642, an increase of 68 from the 574 people reported unemployed in December.

In comparison to surrounding counties, Payne County is at 2.8 percent with 1,058 people unemployed and Kingfisher County is at 2.1 percent with 196 people unemployed. Oklahoma County is also at 2.9 percent, but with a much bigger workforce that left 11,265 people unemployed in January.

The lowest unemployment rate in the state was in Cimarron County with 1.6 percent, with Beaver County at 1.8 percent and Woods County rounding out the trio with a 1.9 percent rate. The highest unemployment rates in the state are in Southeast Oklahoma with Latimer County (7.3 percent); McIntosh County (6.7 percent); Haskell County and McCurtain County (5.8 percent) are all located.

The state overall saw 50 counties with rates lower than last year, 21 counties with higher rates and six counties with the same rate as January 2019.

In the statewide report for January, Oklahoma was at 3.3 percent with 60,596 reported as unemployed in January which was where the state was in January 2019 when the state was at 3.3 percent. The labor force is bigger by 8,630 with 1,845,647 people. There are 1,785,051 reported as working in January which is 8,339 more than last year at the same time. That left the unemployment numbers at 3.3 percent despite 291 more people listed as unemployed this year.

Nationally, the United States is at a 3.6 percent unemployment in January which is up from previous months.

All these numbers will start changing with the effects of COVID-19 and the various closures. The state has already opened the unemployment to allow immediate benefits and not the usual one-week wait. The OESC is encour

The OESC is encouraging claimants to use the internet to file unemployment claims. Information about Oklahoma’s unemployment insurance system can be found on the agency website at: https://www. ok.gov/oesc/. The community Oklahoma Works/ American’s Job Centers will be closed to the public, but OESC personnel will be at the office to answer telephone calls.