Sgt. K.C. Griffin

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Sgt. K.C. Griffin

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 07:15
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Kenneth Griffin of Guthrie was in the United States Army from March 1966 to March 1968. He went directly to Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, then onto Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. After that time, he was in the 9th Replacement Battalion Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam.

“I went TDY (temporary duty travel) for the whole year doing small construction jobs with 13 other men,” explained Griffin. “I went from Private to Sergeant in 13 months and then came back to the states.”

Back in the states, Griffin was assigned to Camp Pickett, Va., to serve the remaining three months of his two year obligation.

Griffin said, “It was not the best pace, but certainly better than Vietnam.”

Recounting memories, Griffin indicated that his favorite memory was when he took a week of rest and relaxation in Hawaii. His wife flew over and met him.

“It was wonderful to have air conditioning and a chocolate candy bar,” said Griffin. “It was the fourth of July holiday so the fireworks did make me uncomfortable.”

Upon leaving the military Griffin owned and operated K.C. Roofing Company for over 50 years. He retired in 2010.

“The military can be a great experience for a young man,” said Griffin.