Guthrie sales tax continues to soar

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Guthrie sales tax continues to soar

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 05:17
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The last sales tax report for the City of Guthrie’s financial year has come out and Guthrie had another outstanding month with $680,385 received from the state for sales tax collection.

That number represents a 21% increase over its 2019 numbers of $562,935. It also gives Guthrie a final total of $6,913,688, compared to $6,323,415 in 2019 and a budget of $6,377,570.

The $590,274 difference is a 9% increase over fiscal year 2019 and an 8% increase over the budget plan. The numbers represent the time of July 16-30 and August 1-15.

The city had a down month in sales use tax on this report with $73,519 collected, compared to $83,893 in 2019, a decrease of 12%. The good news is that year-to-date, the city collected $801,581 compared to $642,325 in 2019, a 25% increase. The city came in 31% over plan on the budget as they only budgeted revenues of $612,000 for the year.

Meanwhile, Logan County collected $264,506, compared to $253,148 in 2019. That represents a 5% increase for the month. On the Use Tax side, the county received $54,748 compared to $49,677 in 2019, which is a solid 10% increase in revenues for the month.

Across the rest of Logan County, the numbers were not as good. Cashion was flat in sales tax having received $14,688 this year compared to $14,709 in 2019. Crescent was down 18% last month, receiving $31,905 compared to $38,710 in 2019. Coyle was up 47% on $3,336 compared to 2,265 in 2019. Langston, with no students on campus, was down 38% with only $6,096 compared to $9,892 in 2019.

The smaller municipalities in the county that includes Cedar Valley, Marshall, Meridian and Cimarron City all reported mixed results for this reporting period. On the sales use tax report, those municipalities that can collect it show very mixed results.

The sales tax holiday was also in this reporting period, and those results should be available on the next report in October.