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Good News Made Possible By

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 04:50
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Tracy Zserdin loves to see and help people and companies do good. Zserdin, former CEO and President of the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce has recently taken the position as the Vice President of Customer Success for Made Possible By. The company was founded by Zserdin, her husband Mike, Gregory (Heady) Coleman, and two individuals from Oklahoma City.

“We make giving easy for community-minded businesses by helping them save time with sponsorship requests. Plus, we give them a permanent location to share all of their stories of good,” explained Zserdin.

Made Possible By was recently chosen by the OKC Thunder Launchpad Accelerator program. The concept is similar to that of the nationally televised show Shark Tank. They applied through a company known as Stitch Crew and were one of ten businesses that were chosen.

Before Made Possible By, when a business receives a sponsorship request the business owner must stop working to process the request. Whether it is by phone call, email or drop in visit. This is disruptive to production. And, when they do sponsor an organization their only ROI is a logo on a throw away poster or, a post on social media that eventually gets lost in the stream.

After Made Possible By, when a business owner receives a request they simply say, “Thank you for thinking of us. We would love to learn more! Do me a favor and go to our website and click the Made Possible By logo right next to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That will direct you to our Community Impact Page. There you will see our values, our giving guidelines, and all of the organizations we have sponsored in the past. If you think you are a good fit fill out the sponsorship form and we will get back to you.” No more lost production time with back and forth phone calls and emails. And now, for the first time, there is a permanent location that shares a company’s entire list of all the causes they have donated to, volunteered for or provided in kind services.

Members simply pay $39 each month or $429 annually (in which they receive a free month). Right now, businesses who sign up will receive one month free.

“We love making Good loud,” said Zserdin. “Now, perhaps more than ever, we need more stories of good.”

For more information on the program email Zserdin at or see their website at