Fields formally charged with second degree murder

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Fields formally charged with second degree murder

Mon, 02/10/2020 - 14:55
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Clyde Marquette Fields, 49, of Stillwater, was charged on Feb. 6 in Payne County with formal second degree murder, after former conviction of a felony in the commission of felony domestic with a dangerous weapon for the death of Roshauna Deshae Ray.

Fields is now in custody in Payne County with a $500,000.00 bond ordered by the courts. Fields will be back in court on Feb. 13 and was told to have a lawyer at that hearing.

The affidavit filed with the courts on Thursday alleges the timetable of Fields and Ray allegedly being together on Feb. 4 and Fields telling police investigators that he picked Ray up in Stillwater already bleeding but that she did not want to go to the Stillwater hospital so that is why the trip was made to Guthrie.

The affidavit also alleges Fields was tracked through the 911 call in Guthrie to another individual who led the police to Fields. The Del City police picked Fields up on Jan. 5 at a Dollar General. The van that was caught on Mercy Hospital video on Jan. 4 was later found in Del City and sealed until warrants could be gotten. The report shows that blood was visible on the outside of the van and on the front seats and console of the van.

Fields was read his Miranda Rights and questioned about the incident. Fields told police that he found Ray stabbed after she was alleged to have been working as a prostitute for him. Fields gave police details of the trip to Guthrie that included a stop at an OnCue before stopping at Smitty’s in Langston.

Fields allegedly told police he dropped Ray off at Mercy after seeing the security shack knowing they had seen him, but still called 911.

A check of videos at all the locations only showed Fields at the Smitty’s and Ray was not observed in any of the video. Fields was also not seen on any videos of any of the stores in Stillwater that he said he was at, according to court papers.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office reported that Ray died of a stab wound to the right side of her chest that hit the ascending aorta.

Fields is now charged with Violation of a Protection Order in Payne County, Unauthorized Removal of a Dead Body in Logan County and Assault and Battery of a Police Officer in Logan County. Bail is set at $1.075 million on the two Logan County Charges with court appearance scheduled for Jan.23. Jason Lowe is listed as the attorney of record for the Logan County cases.

The News Leader will continue to update the cases as they proceed through the courts. Check for any update.