City Council unanimously votes in favor of ‘Shelter in Place'

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City Council unanimously votes in favor of ‘Shelter in Place'

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 07:06
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The Guthrie City Council unanimously voted in favor of expanding their ordinance to ‘Shelter in Place’ that went into effect Tuesday. This is different than Gov. Kevin Stitt’s ‘Safer at Home’ executive directive.

‘Safer at Home’ only applies to adults over 65 and individuals with serious underlying medical conditions. The ‘Shelter in Place’ makes the stay at home order universal to all age groups. Below are the differences between ‘Shelter in Place’ and ‘Safer at Home’:

You can shop for groceries, medicine, gas, re pairs, and other essential goods and services.

You can go to a restaurant for takeout or drive-thru service.

You can go to the doctor and take care of other essential needs.

You can exercise outside, including on sidewalks, trails and in public parks. You can enjoy outdoor activities like long walks, bike rides and fishing. Green spaces in parks are open. But all playgrounds are closed, both public and private. Cityowned golf courses, fitness courts, dog parks, disc golf courses, skate parks, recreation centers and sport courts (basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc.) are also closed.

You can go to work in an essential job. You can also do business with someone working in an essential job. Those jobs are defined by the State of Oklahoma, using a federal list and one provided by Gov. Kevin Stitt. Find out more at covid19.

You can drive, bike, walk and take transit. You don’t need special ID or a permit. Police aren’t asking people to prove why they’re outside their home.

You can work from home if you work in a job defined by the State as nonessential. You can also do business with someone doing a non-essential job from home, but do it virtually or by phone. Even if it’s an essential job, employers are encouraged to allow employees to work from home if possible.

Staff are allowed on site even at closed non-essential businesses for basic tasks like maintenance and security.

You can check on someone in need.

You can donate at blood drives, volunteer at food banks and participate in other disaster response activities.

Staff can be at faithbased sites to record or broadcast services.

Stay 6 feet away from others, for your safety and theirs.

Wash your hands before you leave your house, and as soon as you get home.

You can call 911 if you have specific information about someone violating the order. Police may investigate. Officers will ask for voluntary compliance, but may use discretion to issue citations if necessary.

As part of the ‘Shelter in Place’ ordinance, all individuals are required to wear cloth face coverings when making a public outing for essential work or personal errands. Physical distancing must continue.

The ‘Shelter in Place’ ordinance is in effect through May 5 at 11:59 p.m., which is the date of the first regularly scheduled City Council meeting in May.