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Red Brick Season No. 4 comes to an end


The success of the monthly summer music concerts has shown that the region is not only ready, but anxious to have cool things happening in our town. Wherever you go around the state, mentioning that you are from Guthrie evokes, “I love that town!” “ I love to go there!” “I would love to live there!” “I loved GOTR there!” “I love to go to Bluegrass!” “I love your Christmas celebration!” “I love the 89er parade!”… on and on. Guthrie is recognized as one of the hippest places in the state, and people want to find reasons to be here. RBN gives them the excuse that they are looking for.

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Pollard Theatre veteran actress appears in Wichita


The impact of our own Pollard Theatre is felt far beyond Guthrie, OK. Actors, actresses, crew, and production staff have used The Pollard as a springboard to even more opportunities.

Ella Latham of Edmond performed in A Territorial Christmas Carol at The Pollard Theatre in Guthrie for 5 years. The 14 year old was in 2nd grade when she first performed here.

“The Pollard was her first real acting gig, before that she’d done some camps at UCO, where this summer she is volunteering, time flies,” said her mother, Gretchen Latham.