Opinion: Any age is right to serve the Lord


How old are you? How young are you? Do you know anyone who thinks he/she is too old to actively serve God in the community? Does anyone imagine they are too young to serve? The truth is anyone who feels the Lord moving on his/her heart is the right age to serve God and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why do so many young people think it’s the responsibility of an “older person” to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, and why do many older folks feel it is the job of a younger person to teach, preach and instruct the world concerning the Gospel?

Column: Ask Jordan Green


Democrats on Capitol Hill are hoping to impeach President Donald Trump with information released by a whistleblower in late September. This week, I’ve compiled statements from some of Oklahoma’s U.S. senators and representatives to see where they stand on impeaching the U.S. president. Here’s what they had to say.