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On the Ballot

Wed, 06/24/2020 - 07:04
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There are not a lot of races locally being contested in Logan County, but there is a proposal 802 on the ballot dealing with Medicaid in Oklahoma that has drawn a lot of attention.

The Guthrie Board of Education has an election from April 7 on this ballot. Travis Sallee is the incumbent seeking his third term and has drawn an opponent in Bradley Havenar.

The court clerk race has incumbent Cheryl Smith facing off against local business owner Jacki Wolfington. In the Logan County Commissioner race for district 2, Incumbent Mike Pearson is seeking re-election and has drawn two opponents in Kody Ellis and Mitchell Madison. The winner must have more than 50-percent of the vote to avoid an August run-off election.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives District 31 seat has incumbent Garry Mize facing Karmin Grider.

The county clerk incumbent, Troy Cole and the sheriff’s incumbent Damon Devereaux are both unopposed this year. In the other Logan County District race for District 33, John Talley and Brice Chaffin face off. In District 38 that includes North Logan County, John Pfeiffer is unopposed and will return to Oklahoma City for a third term.

In the national races, Senator Jim Inhofe is seeking re-election and has three primary opponents in JJ Stitt, John Tompkins and Neil Mavis. The winner of the republican primary will face off the winner of the Democratic primary where four candidates will face off for the right to advance to the November general election. The candidates are Sheila Bilyeu, Abby Broyles, Elizabeth Britt and R.O. Joe Cassity, JR. The winner will have to get over 50-percent on Tuesday to avoid an August run-off and advance to November. There are two independents in the election on Tuesday in Joan Farr and A.D, Nesbitt looking to advance to the November election.

On the House of Representatives side, Frank Lucas will have to wait until November to face off with Zoe Midyett in his re-election effort.

In the District 5 house race, Democratic incumbent Kendra Horn is facing off against Tom Guild for the right to face the winner of the Republican primary that has nine candidates fighting for a spot in the November election. A run-off election in August is a real possibility with this many to choose from next week. If no one gets over 50-percent, then the top two vote getters will face-off in August.