Guthrie vs Woodward


1 p.m. / 3 p.m.


Guthrie Softball Field

It has been 23 days since the Guthrie LadyJays found themselves in the win column. Their last win coming against Ponca City back on August 29th. Since then the LadyJays have rattled off 13 losses in a row, causing them to free fall down the district standings from second to fifth place. With only three district games remaining, the LadyJays could pick up two big wins today when they host Guymon for a doubleheader.

“Today is going to be big for us in a couple of ways,” Guthrie Head Coach Booker Blakley said. “It’s big for us in the obvious way because we need to bounce back. When you’ve lost as many in a row as we have, you want to prove it to yourself that you’re still capable of winning. And the other way it’s big is depending on how other games go, it has district seeding implications for us.”

As of right now, the LadyJays sit in fifth place in the district, which would mean their road to the state tournament would have to go through top-seeded Piedmont. A fourth place finish would mean traveling to arch rival and 5A-1 top-seeded Carl Albert. A third place finish would send the LadyJays to Lawton MacArthur. 

With the regional tournament still two weeks away, Guthrie is focused on righting the ship. In order to snap this 13-game losing streak, the LadyJays will have to figure out their offense. Since the losing streak began, the LadyJays have only scored more than two runs twice. They’ve been shutout three times. Blakley says a fast start today against Guymon could be the remedy for the batting woes. 

“If we can score a couple early and kind of get the lid off, once that happens, things become a little easier,” Blakley said. “Once you score a couple, things start to happen for you. A fast start today would help get us going.”

Blakley says the month of September has been hard on the team, the coaching staff and the fans. Looking for something to get the mojo back, don’t be surprised if you see him with a different look in the dugout. 

“I’ve debated about going to a visor or maybe shaving my goatee,” Blakley said. “I’m not very superstitious or anything, but I’ve thought about it.”