Jan Goodyear, co-owner of Century 21 Goodyear Green, has recently been recognized for personal and company awards in his industry.  While being recognized is a joy, Goodyear shared what being successful in business means.

“It’s really more about the fact that I’ve had the joy of seeing a lot of new owners of companies that started with Century 21 Goodyear Green and our various real estate associates go on and succeed in life. We’ve been able to lead them in leadership and succeed with a professional work ethic.  This company is more about the current 150 sales associates and staff who are with us and the ones before them.  It’s really not about winning awards, don’t get me wrong, they’re nice, but it’s not about that-it is lives” said Goodyear. 

Century 21 Goodyear Green came from humble beginnings.  Max Green [who passed away earlier this year] and Jan Goodyear had been long-time friends.  Jan was vice president at Guthrie Savings and Loan and Max was originally a music professor at Langston University.  Green decided it was time to do something new and started selling real estate with John Kellogg.  After talking to Goodyear several times, they decided to start their own business.  

Goodyear explained, “Max’s dad owned a furniture store and his mom was a real estate agent in Durant, Oklahoma.  Our first endeavor was to try and get an Ethan Allen franchise in Guthrie, which didn’t work out.  So next, Max convinced me to open up a real estate office and the rest is history.  We took our monies and started the adventure.”

You don’t stay in business for 38 years and not see changes.  All businesses are forced to evolve. While some of the interpersonal communication aspect may have changed in business today, the amount of work, communication, and data that can provided to their clients has improved greatly.   He shared some of the changes he’s seen since opening his real estate company.

“The internet did not exist nor did cell phones and boy did these factors transform the business world.  My daughter [who now also works for the company in their Edmond location] remembers looking through large books of pictures of all the listings when she was 13 or 14 that was published bi-monthly– that was our “computer”.  The phone [smart phones] also changed our ability to communicate,” expressed Goodyear.

Currently, Century 21 Goodyear Green has six offices:  Guthrie, Edmond, Midwest City, Harrah, Norman and Kingfisher.  Looking forward, Goodyear shared they would like to expand into the Tulsa market and other areas around the state as well.

Advice he gives to others who want to start their own business is simple. “What level of commitment do you possess?  You have to have a good idea, be committed, and have good support from all those around you.” shared Goodyear. “You’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing, too. There are times when it’s really hard work combined with much sacrifice. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit.  Don’t try to be something you’re not.”

What brought Goodyear to Oklahoma was the Army and Fort Sill.  He liked the people of Oklahoma so well that he stayed. From a job opening at Lintz Department Store and Oscar Berryman, Guthrie became his home and through many wonderful citizens, he enjoyed becoming a part of Guthrie’s community. From his church to the chamber of commerce to Lions Club, he has been on committees and boards and has given of himself to make Guthrie better. There are few areas of community life that he doesn’t have a strong connection to. This involvement has given him an intimate understanding of Guthrie and how the community works. He and his wife Diane both work in the Guthrie location and have four children and eight grandchildren.  

“Without Diane I could not have been the success that we enjoy,” expressed Goodyear.  “It’s been a great run.” 

For more information about Century 21 Goodyear Green visit their Guthrie Location at 110 S. Division St. in Guthrie, call them at 405-282-7000, or visit their website