The Walmart store in Guthrie has undergone several facelifts with the new training center and now the grocery pick-up service where customers can do all their shopping online and pick up the groceries in a couple of hours.

Starting  October 1, the Guthrie location will no longer be a 24-7 operation. The new store hours will be 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. The change became necessary as the corporation reviewed store shopping patterns and business. The store currently does not have enough footsteps in the store overnight to justify being open 24-7.

“No employees are losing jobs and will be placed in daytime positions,” said Store Manager Brad Hand. “We need to have employees in the store when our customers are here and that right now is not happening during the overnight hours.”

Their new online service is new, but when mastered will require more employees during the day to pull the customer orders and will have less footsteps in the store.

The hour change is only for Guthrie as other surrounding stores are being looked at on a store by store basis. The closest 24-7 Walmart store is the Edmond store located on 15th street and I-35.

Guthrie Walmart continues to be one of the largest employers in Logan County as well as sales tax contributors.