From the ushers at the recent benefit concert at the Masonic Temple to the beautiful gardens in the public spaces around town, volunteers are doing the work! Most organizations and events rely heavily on volunteers to make the magic happen.

With so much going on in our wonderful community all the time, the “go-to” pool of volunteers can get worn out pretty quickly, even though there are usually great perks involved with being a volunteer. Some of the main advantages are:

1.    Access to the inner workings; talent, art, equipment, etc.

2.    Education; mentoring, new skills, getting out of your comfort zone

3.    Swag; t-shirts, memorabilia, products

4.    Finding your purpose in life; volunteering for many types of opportunities exposes you to varied careers

5.    Most importantly, New Friends! I am still friends with many of the folks that we worked closely with on Gentlemen of the Road. I’ve been to concerts around the country at their invitation, and we enjoy keeping up with each other.

Now, what can you do a little closer to home? Here’s a list of some arts related needs that I’m aware of.

•    Owens Arts Place Museum is looking for a volunteer who will learn curatorial techniques, art appreciation, and art history as they help. Call Mr. Owens at 405 260-0204.

•    The Arts in Guthrie needs an intern to help update our website and social media. Email theartsinguthrie@gmail.com

•    Frontier Drug Store Museum/Apothecary Garden needs volunteers to help maintain the garden and watch the store. Contact Pam at 405 282-1895.

•    Master Gardeners and individuals help keep the public garden areas around town looking tidy and beautiful and ALWAYS need help with cleaning, weeding, and planting. Neighborhood organizations work together to keep our residential areas looking gorgeous. Find out what neighborhood you live in and get something started! To help with public areas contact the City of Guthrie to find out who is in charge. Contact or become a Master Gardener by calling the OSU Extension office, 405 282-3331.

•    The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce always needs volunteers for various tasks and events. Call Tracy at 405 282-1947

•    Guthrie Tourism has fun to share!! Contact Justin at 405 282-0197.

•    Red Brick Nights can use volunteers for all areas! Contact Tracy at 405 282-1947

•    The Arts in Guthrie has a million brilliant ideas and not enough hands to get them all implemented! Contact us if you have the inkling to make magic! theartsinguthrie@gmail.com

•  The Pollard Theatre welcomes help with various jobs. Learn all about the THEATER by getting involved at the most intimate levels. Contact Jennifer at 405 282-2800.

If you are an arts related entity and are looking for help, contact us at theartsinguthrie@gmail.com to get on our list.

Get involved! Help create #GuthrieCoolness   #GuthrieArts