A new feature movie has been filming in Oklahoma locations including Guthrie.

Blueberry Hall, which is being entirely filmed in the state beginning in May, is a cautionary, Southern Gothic tale following Ian, an elite college debater who turns to the world of prescription drugs in hopes of reaching his goal--a free ride to Harvard Law School.

On Monday afternoon, extras were needed in Guthrie, according to a post on the casting company's Facebook page. Filming was expected to last throughout the day. Extras were needed to play college students, professors and passers-by.

Producers of the film include Sean Patrick "SP" Eaton and Ty Dickson of Okiewood Films and Def/Alt founder Jay B. Walker.

The film marks the directorial debut of Oklahoma's Keshav Tyagi, who will direct from his original screenplay.

Tyagi is excited to showcase the talent of Oklahoma's filmmaking community. "It's an honor to have fellow Oklahoma filmmakers be as passionate about this project as I am," said Tyagi, who made Oklahoma's "30 Under 30" Class of 2014.

Walker said the film will be a visual mix tape of how extreme the quest to be the best can become.

"We hope it serves both as a warning and an inspiration," Walker said.

The film will feature an all-Oklahoma crew including cinematographer Samuel Calvin, who describes the visual approach of the film "as a digital rendering of the dark spaces we often find ourselves within modern culture."

"Blueberry Hall" is one of several projects currently in the Oklahoma film enhancement rebate queue. Oklahoma offers a cash rebate of 35-37 percent on qualifying expenditures to film and television productions filming in the state.

The company must have a minimum budget of $50,000 and spend $25,000 in Oklahoma. The company must provide proof of complete financing prior to start of principal photography.

"Blueberry Hall" has been conditionally pre-qualified for a 35 percent rebate through the program. Other projects on the list are "Let Me Make You a Martyr" (37 percent, Iscariot Films), "Harvest Moon" (35 percent, Fairmont Productions), "The Blue Whale" (35 percent, CJM Productions), "Scent of Rain and Lightning" (37 percent, No Coast Entertainment) and "The Little Ones" (37 percent, Run, Jump, Fly... Inc.).

Past movies filmed at least in part in Oklahoma include "Twister," which was filmed in part in Guthrie, "Rain Man," which starred Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, "Grapes of Wrath" and "Home in Oklahoma," which starred Roy Rogers and Trigger.