Logan County Historical Society

While retrieving the marriage license of her grandparents, Oscar and Ethel Upham, Donna George (above right) also discovered the Logan County Geaological Society had photos of her daughter from the Al Bryan photography collection.  Brenda McCormack (above left) volunteers with the historical society, helping reunite family members with documents from their ancestors.

On Saturday, October 27 and Saturday, November 10, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Logan County Genealogical Society will distribute more of the Al Bryan Photography collection to family members in the First Southern Baptist Church Annex in Guthrie at the corner of E. Noble and N. Wentz.

“We have already distributed at least 4,000 of these photo packages and may have that many more,” Nelda Brown said. 

The individual packets contain proofs and negatives of photographs that Bryan took during more than 50 years in business in Guthrie. Hundreds of volunteer hours have gone into alphabetizing the envelopes to help expedite the process.  

“We are simply a ‘pass-through’ to return the packages to families,” Brown added.  

The society is also working on returning marriage licenses from 1989 to the early 1920s to living family members.

“Logan County was a marriage mill at that time. People came from all around to get married here,” Brown said, adding that the Logan County Courthouse stored all the old records. Now, volunteers have scanned more than 4,500 marriage licenses to maintain records and aim to connect families with the original documents.

“They’re returning marriage licenses like this to family members,” Michael Williams from the Oklahoma Territorial Museum said. “Oscar J. Upham (1871-1949) was one of those who got married here and this is his granddaughter.” 

Williams told The News Leader that Upham won the medal of honor during the 55 day siege of the Foreign Legations at Peking during the Boxer Rebellion before moving to Guthrie.

While the society is giving the photos away at no charge, they also have a donation jar if anyone would like to contribute to the 501(c)3 organization.

The historical society welcomes any inquiries via e-mail to LCGS1419@gmail.com