Heather's Pawn

Heather’s Pawn Loans recently celebrated 25 years in business.  Pictured on the front row from Left to right are Vince Martin, Leona Grey, Teri Large and back row, Heather Grey & John Mullins.


When you walk into Heather’s Pawn Loans you are greeted by an extremely friendly staff.  The store is clean and bright, and you’ll see everything from electric guitars, guns, tools and even beautiful hand crafted jewelry, but Owner Heather Grey never dreamed she’d own her own pawn loan shop.   

“I was going to college to be a psychiatrist.  My stepdad,  Spencer (Red) Mullins, owned four pawn shops and I went to work for him to help put myself through college,” explained Grey. “After studying for four years, I decided it wasn’t for me. I traveled to New Mexico where I worked for a while.  I came back to Oklahoma City because I needed surgery. At this time Red was retired. We began talking about opening a store together where he would teach me how to own and operate my own pawn shop.  Because of him I have a great career,” said Grey.

  What used to be Mazzios over 25 years ago is where Heather’s Pawn Loans still stands (located in front Walmart.) The building has seen improvements like expansion and continues to evolve with the times.

“For people that don’t understand what a pawn loan is, a pawn loan is a confidential collateral loan that does not adversely affect your credit. In many cases it’s faster and easier than taking a loan out at a bank. For example, we have start up business owners that may borrow money to make their payroll.  It’s a very quick loan.  We also have a 98% redemption rate on loans.” explained Grey.

Heather’s Pawn Loans also has a large retail selection. 

 A lot of the merchandise in the front of the store is new or sourced from inventory buying trips.  Grey also buys from wholesale vendors so her inventory stays fresh.  

Other services Heather’s Pawn Loans offers include a disc repair machine that resurfaces video games, movies and audio CDs.  Grey also offers jewelry repair.  She personally repairs most types of jewelry and even makes some of the jewelry you see in her store.  One of the biggest advancements has been a laser welder that allows her to make repairs by fusing the medal together ensuring it maintains the original integrity of the piece.

In 25 years, the business of pawn loans, especially the retail side, has changed.  Because of decreased foot traffic, she has set-up an eBay store to reach customers online.  It has also allowed Grey to offer more money for specific items like professional music equipment, high end tools, and other specialty items.  

Grey also explained that you never know what’s going to come through the door.  Some of the most unique items include a stuffed cobra in a framed box, a snow cone machine and a mechanical bull.  If there is space, they will consider it.  

 “The wonderful thing about my business is my employees.  In the 25 years we’ve been open, we’ve had very little turnover.  I have been very lucky to have good, dependable people.  It’s a testament to Guthrie because they all live here,” Grey said.   

To learn more about Heather’s Pawn Loans visit their store at 1504 S. Division in Guthrie or see their website at www.heatherspawnloans.com.