Guthrie Impact

The Arts and Culture sector in our state is an economic driver with direct economic activity of $872,830,632 and spending by the arts and culture industry and their audiences supporting 29,165 jobs in Oklahoma in 2015. It would behoove anyone interested in community, cultural, or economic growth to take part in the conferences and training shared below. 

Oklahoma is rich in cultural assets. From Miami to Boise City, from Quartz Mountain to Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma is chocked full of wonder! We often become so used to the special people and places that make our communities and state unique that we stop seeing them for what they are – OPPORTUNITY! 

Guthrie is rife with cultural assets, which is why The Arts in Guthrie was formed 5 years ago, to promote those assets to the rest of the state and beyond and to support our arts community. The more Guthrie is represented at these types of events the larger our audience and potential for investment becomes. It is also important for people to educate themselves about the possibilities around us so that the important decisions about growth and development of the community will be well informed and not just tossed about on a whim. 

Fortunately, there are many agencies and organizations in the state that are poised to help you identify these assets and teach you what you can do to promote and encourage them. If you are an artist of any sort, there is help for you. Working on your process, learning how to manage the business side of art, creating a portfolio, and more is offered for your benefit. If you are a community representative you can have access to a plethora of training and informative opportunities. Do you need to know how to maintain or establish your historic district or public spaces? There is a group for that! 

Right now, there are several incredible offerings by various state and nonprofit organizations that you should check out and sign up for. Here’s information on some super important ones. These are not exclusive to artist types. 

Economic Impact in Guthrie

Total direct economic impact from Guthrie: $3,943,163

Local government revenue for Guthrie:  $153,000

State government revenue from Guthrie: $185,000

Full-time equivalent jobs supported in Guthrie: 79


As one of the most transparent and efficiently run government agencies, OAC has managed to maintain an incredibly high degree of efficacy despite the economic challenges presented. Below are a few of the most important upcoming opportunities.

Leadership Arts

I personally encourage anyone who has an interest in Oklahoma to take part in this program. A potentially life-changing leadership program, it was tabled for two years due to funding constrictions. It is back now, with even more to offer! Once a free program to take part in, there is now a $499 fee, but that fee includes A LOT; all sessions, curriculum, tours, and the registration fee for the Oklahoma Arts Conference which is required for completion of the program. Leadership Arts class members will continue to be responsible for their travel, lodging, and food. 

This program has nearly single-handedly (actually the program has NO hands, but I digress…) spurred the state-wide evolution of the arts sector. The principles and strategies taught during the four sessions and Arts Conference have revealed the potential of districts and communities to program members and have equipped them to go out and make coolness happen! The program accepts, even encourages, participation from a diverse cross-section of the community. Bankers, bakers, journalists, and artists of all kinds will benefit from this program. 

Registration opened November 1, 2019, so don’t hesitate to sign up! Each class is limited to 30 individuals. Check out the webpage for Leadership Arts for information on FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE options and more details.

Oklahoma Arts Conference

In the wake of funding cuts throughout the term of the last administration, the Oklahoma Arts Council has had to make some difficult choices, but their priority is always to serve communities, especially rural ones. Considering the economic restrictions that have been imposed, the Arts Conference has just transitioned from every year to every other year, the quality of the programming will still be incredible, and they won’t have to suffer cutting a lot of community focused services.

Next year Muskogee will be the host community for the 2020 Oklahoma Arts Conference. Scheduled October 14-16, the conference will provide professional development and networking opportunities for hundreds of individuals from across the state who want to use the arts to benefit their communities and schools. Keep an eye on the Oklahoma Arts Council website for registration - . You can also sign up for their email updates on the website. Stay informed about all the helpful programs OAC has to offer.

Oklahoma Film and Music Office

This year marks the inaugural year for the Oklahoma Film and Music Conference: New Heights. Set to occur every other year, they are kicking it off in style, being held at Vast Restaurant in the Devon Tower. The conference will take place November 14 + 15, 2019. Registration is open NOW and space is limited. According to their description, here is the scoop:

“This event will feature two days of panel sessions with a wide variety of topics to benefit statewide industry professionals, as well as workshops, networking events and exhibitions. Additionally, this conference will commemorate 40 years of the state supporting an organized Film Commission by recognizing our state’s success and the strides we’ve made in putting Oklahoma on the map as a top filming destination in the United States. Whether you’re an active member of the film and music industries, or beginning to take interest, join OF+MO as we roll out the red carpet for our local industry members alongside some special guests to help shine a spotlight on making movies and music in Oklahoma. Space is limited, so register today!                                                                                             BONUS: With each registration, you’ll receive an eco-friendly branded OF+MO anniversary water bottle!

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone age 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult, who will need to also register.”

Go to their website: for more information on the conference and links to other film & music related fun. 

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Community Forum on Immigration

If you are interested in how to reach immigrant and refugee populations in your community development work, please consider attending this forum on immigration presented by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

According to the American Immigration Council, Oklahoma is home to 235,350 immigrants. The foreign-born population in our state increased 65.8% between 2000 and 2013, according to the Migration Policy Institute. As these numbers rise, business and community leaders may be interested in hearing about immigration issues concerning their employees, neighbors and community.

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries would like to invite business leaders, church leaders, government officials and any interested parties to a free informal 60-minute meeting with a district representative of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to learn more about immigration and the naturalization process.

To learn about other services offered by the ODL check out their website and sign up for their email updates at:

Community Forum on Immigration

Thursday, November 7

2:00 p.m. To 3:00 p.m.

South Conference Room

Oklahoma Department of Libraries

200 N.E. 18th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

To reserve your place, register by contacting or call 405-522-3205