The Guthrie Schools Board of Education held a special meeting on Thursday night for the purpose of approving a new bond issue resolution for the April 2 ballot.  The resolution passed unanimously after financial advisor Jon Wolff made a short presentation to the board members. 

The resolution is for the issuance of general obligation bonds to be issued in series (similar to what the district used on the most recent bond issue that is wrapping up), in the sum of $19.250 million dollars for the purpose of acquiring or improving school sites, constructing, repairing, remodeling or equipping buildings, or acquiring school furniture, fixtures or equipment, which includes but is not limited to constructing, equipping and furnishing a new Cotteral Elementary School.

 The resolution also seeks approval from the local taxpayers to levy and collect the money by way of resident’s real estate bills, and levy and collect an annual tax, in addition to all other taxes, upon all the taxable property in such District sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as it falls due and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof when due, said bonds to bear interest at not to exceed the rate of ten (10%) percent per annum, payable semiannually and to become due serially within ten years from their date except bonds issued for equipment described in Section.

 The resolution calls for repairs, renovations and improvements to Central Elementary School, Fogarty Elementary School, Guthrie Upper Elementary School, Guthrie Junior High School and Guthrie High School, including but not limited to, HVAC replacement and upgrades, window replacement and tuck point exterior repair, addition of secure vestibules, renovation of restrooms and replacement of auditorium seating and lighting. Those projects will cost $4.9 million dollars.

The district is proposing the acquisition of classroom technology equipment, including additional computers, software licenses and service agreements at sites district wide at a cost of $915,000.

The big-ticket item is the construction, equipping and furnishing of a new Cotteral Elementary School to be located on the existing Cotteral Elementary campus which will have a planned capacity of 500 students and will be approximately 50,000 square feet in size. The price tag for the new school is $13.435 million dollars.

“This is the second phase of our long-term planning basic capital improvement plan. There is nothing glamorous in the plan as it is just replacing basic structural needs. It is really important that we pass and continue the improvements in the school district. The mil level to pay-off the bond is very conservative,” said board president Travis Sallee.

The proposition will require a 60-percent majority for approval, registered voters residing within the school district are authorized to vote and absentee voting is permitted for the bond issue. The city council and school board have regularly scheduled elections on April 2.

The polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The board also approved a change order for the current work at the junior high to stabilize the existing brick on the east wall. The cost would be $2,646. 

The board concluded their meeting approving some personnel issues for the second semester. The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 p.m.