Angel Tree

The 21st Annual Angel Tree is officially up and open 24/7 to the public through Dec. 10. The beautiful blue tree is located in the lobby of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, 216 S. Broad St. The tree has 28 Angel Cards on it this year and they are going fast.

“I think we might run out pretty quick,” Lt. Kutay said. “So if they’re looking to do one, they need to get here [soon] because I already know some people are going to be in here to grab some cards.”

Participation is simple: choose a card from the tree, fill out the index card attached to the back and put it in the dropbox directly next to the tree, purchase the gifts and return them along with the wishlist to the sheriff’s office by Dec. 10.

“Back by Dec. 10 if possible, which is the reason for the codes,” Lt. Kutay said.

There is a code in the top right corner of the wishlist that serves as a way for the sheriff’s office to keep track of and verify which ones are still out and haven’t come back yet. The information listed also provides the office with an address to send a thank you letter. 

Lt. Kutay spoke about how the Angel Tree differs from other holiday wishlists in the sense that it’s directly helping children here in Logan County.

“I know that Salvation Army and some others do similar stuff for the state but this is just a way of helping out the kids here locally,” Lt. Kutay said. These came mostly from the schools and were submitted to us. Basically, these were parents who approached the school looking for assistance. They filled out the applications, which then the schools turned over to us. These will all be children from our community inside Logan County, so it’s helping out locally here.”

As mentioned above, the lobby of the sheriff’s office is open 24/7, so feel free to go up there and grab a card at your earliest convenience. If nobody is there, just pick up the phone in the lobby.

“If nobody is there, even after hours, all they have to do is pick up the phone, call dispatch and they’ll send someone down to collect what they’ve got,” Lt. Kutay said.

People are not limited to one card or just the items on the list. Lt. Kutay said it’s their prerogative if they’d like to purchase additional items not on the wishlist.  

“Just because they may not see something on their wish list, if they want to add to it, that’s up to the people that come in. I mean, they can always add to it and that’s not a problem.”

Another reason for the Dec. 10 deadline is the wrapping party. 

“Some time in December, we’re going to do a wrapping party with the deputies here, cause they also enjoy helping out, and then the patrol deputies will deliver it to the residences where the children live,” Lt. Kutay said.

While speaking to Lt. Kutay, someone came in and grabbed three cards off the Angel Tree, so those interested in participating should head to the lobby soon.