WOW Fireworks

Pictured from left to right: Ethan Elliott, Evelyn Brown, Allen Brewer and Margaret Brewer


Allen Brewer put on the annual fireworks show at Beacon Drive-In Theatre Saturday June 22 but this one was different—it marked the finale to 28 years in Guthrie. WOW Fireworks is currently the longest running stand in town and has always prided itself on being locally owned and operated. 

A family business from the ground up, with the children and grandchildren of owner Allen Brewer and his wife Margaret and their right-hand woman Evelyn Brown, working there over the course of 20 years. Day-to-day operations have become more difficult since Mr. Brewer had two strokes, two heart attacks and two quadruple bypass surgeries.

Even though it is always hard to say goodbye, Evelyn Brown who has worked at WOW every summer for 20 years, shared some fond memories.

“We lost all power in East Guthrie [one year] and it was getting dark and our customers kept coming and using the lights on their phones to see the fireworks,” Brown said. “We could get our cash register open, Dr. Zinn from Veterinary Corner brought a flashlight that works when you shake it and people kept buying.”

Another memorable moment includes customers taking turns to stand under the awning to buy fireworks in the rain.

“One time we had a terrible downpour but it wasn’t so bad we had to close our doors. People still showed up and were waiting in their cars for those to get out from under the awning,” Brown said.

The favorite of all-time is definitely the relationship they have fostered with the Guthrie community not only as local business owners but Guthrites.

“We have loved having a business in Guthrie. The people who have come and been with us. We look forward to seeing them— it’s like a reunion. I’m truly going to miss it,” Brown said.

“You miss seeing people you’ve gotten to know, seeing the kids grow up, they’re not just customers, they’re friends.”

WOW is offering 25% off all inventory in an attempt to clear the stand out and pay Mr. Brewer’s medical bills. With a wide variety of products, there is something for everyone.

“One thing we’ve always done…We carry a lot of small stuff, for children and people that aren’t experienced. We’ve always worked to be a family-friendly business,” Brown said.

Usual hours of operation are from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. There are special business hours on July 3 and 4, opening at noon and closing when they run out of fireworks or people are done for the night, whichever happens first. They’ve stayed open as late as 2 a.m. before.

Be sure and stop in before the Fourth ends to buy one more round from Al, Evelyn and Margaret. For more information: visit the business location at 2404 S Division St.