The First Baptist Church is hosting their third Thanksgiving event this week. The Thanksgiving Day meal is tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at American Legion. It is free and open to the public just as it’s been for the past 22 years.

The Community Benefit Musical held on Saturday, also in its 23rd year, raised money to help fund the Thanksgiving Day meal.  Before the event Pastor Hersey L. Hammons had this to say.

“It’s a benefit musical so all the money that’s raised goes to help fund the dinner, which we are anticipating on serving around 800 people this year,” Hammons said. “We just have a good fellowship, raise some money and express our thanks for being able to do it.”

The community Thanksgiving Service was held Sunday.

 “This year it is not sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance so I’m doing it at the First Baptist Church for the purpose of the community coming together,” Pastor Hammons said. “We’ve been doing Community Thanksgiving Service for probably 30 years.” 

Each year during the service, members of the community are recognized for their service and this year the Baptist Student Union at Langston University was honored. The Baptist Collegiate Ministries from Langston was recognized and their director, Rev. Bertholomew (Prophet) Bailey, was the speaker.  Music was provided by the Logan County Heritage Choir.

“The first year General Daniels funded the whole dinner and since then we’ve raised money to support the dinner. Even though he’s deceased now, we carried on in his honor and memory,” Pastor Hammons said. “It was a great thing he did to come back to Guthrie after being raised here and had been all over the world representing veterans and disabilities and so forth.”

On Thanksgiving, Pastor Hammons said they serve meals to not only the people who show up but also those who are not in attendance. 

“We serve the persons who receive mobile meals from the Nutrition Center at Highland Hall; we get their list and take meals to them. We also serve Job Corps and Langston students who don’t go home for Thanksgiving [as well as] staff members and those who are being held at the Logan County Jail.”

The Thanksgiving Day meal is always held at American Legion and is open to the public for everyone that wants to come in and eat. Pastor Hammons said sometimes people don’t know anyone when they get there, but by the time they finish, people at the table have introduced themselves and they know somebody they didn’t know before. 

“The community coming together to collectively give thanks to God. That’s our purpose right there. We’re looking forward to that and working hard to make sure we have all the ends sewed up so that when folks come we’ll be ready to serve.”

For additional information, contact Pastor Hersey L Hammons at 405-760-4285.