The Guthrie City Council will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night at the council chambers starting at 7 p.m.

One of the agenda items has been announced as a public hearing on a resolution for the burned out downtown buildings currently owned by Byron and Bette Berline in the 100 block of East Oklahoma. The buildings were destroyed in a fire on Feb. 23.

The hearing is being held under the unsafe and dilapidated building ordinance for the City of Guthrie. The hearing is the first step in bringing the buildings into code compliance.

There are several options available to the city council at the conclusion of the hearing.

The Berlines’ can restore the building or sell the building to another private investor to restore the building. The city would then have to get a timeline to demolish the building and see a financial plan for the buildings.

If the buildings are not to be renovated, the city would have to receive a commitment as to when the demolition would take place, with the goal being 90 days, but the council can set the deadline to any date they approve.

If the city must tear down the building, the cost would go on the owner’s tax rolls and if not paid would be put up on a tax sale to be purchased.

The last option is to work something out with the Berlines’ like the Banner School project and takes it on as a project and pay for the demolition of the building in return for the deed to the property.

The hearing is open to the public and the council will listen to all input during the hearing.