Artists often wish for an opportunity to have their work seen by a wider audience, but it can be difficult to find an appropriate platform to use. Fortunately, there are resources available to help them discover prospective outlets and acknowledgements. 

The Arts in Guthrie Facebook page regularly shares information on interesting projects or competitions from entities all over the country. Whether you are an author, visual artist, musician, performer, or a craftsperson you can find your chance to apply for commissions, grants, and professional development offerings regularly through the page, and soon through their website. 

Just this month, TAG’s page has shared a vast array of information, some of which is listed below.

Information relevant to the significance of the arts economy, such as an article from Governing.com, showcases the importance of the arts and cultural sector, especially in terms of bringing back the vitality to rural areas that have suffered through the last recession. Scott D. Pattison, the executive director and CEO of the National Governors Association and contributor to Governing.com, spelled this out in an article.

“The National Governors Association and our partners evaluated and recommended strategies for nurturing the growth of creative economies in rural areas as part of our commitment to working across state and party lines to provide information-sharing and policy guidance that makes a positive difference to states and their residents…” Pattison stated. “Governments have partnered with nonprofits, entrepreneurs and artists on projects that enhance local identity and pride, celebrate uniquely American traditions, counteract stereotypes, and strengthen local and regional economies in areas that sometimes are left out of the national conversation.”

In a recent statement made by the Oklahoma Arts Council regarding grants they have available for classroom supplies, it was stated that the Oklahoma Arts Council offers Classroom Supply Grants of up to $500 per year for schools to purchase supplies and materials for visual and performing arts programs that take place during the school day.

Oklahoma Casting put out a casting call for a short being filmed in the Oklahoma City area.

Oklahoma Arts Council’s Jarica Walsh also shared information about two great possibilities for writers who would like to get involved. An application to contribute to the creation of a book being called “Closet Cases” is the first. The other is for a residency with Hedgebrook Writers in Residence. Hedgebrook is on Whidbey Island, about thirty-five miles northwest of Seattle and is situated on 48-acres of forest and meadow facing Puget Sound, with a view of Mount Rainier. The retreat hosts writers from all over the world for residencies of two to six weeks, at no cost to the writer. 

The Country Music Singers Association Music Competition application was also posted. Artists in the following categories were encouraged to apply; vocal, band and instrumental. Competition covered genres including country, bluegrass and Christian music. Winners have a chance to compete at the National Competition in Tennessee.

The City of Oklahoma City Arts Commission has an outstanding process in place for artists and for entities wishing to commission public art. The Prequalified Artist Pool vets and lists a diverse range of artists for unique opportunities across the Metro Area. TAG shared an application for The Strong Neighborhood Initiative for the prequalified artist pool to apply to be accepted for three new murals that have been approved by OKC Arts Commission.

OKC Arts Commission encourages applicants stating, “If you are an artist interested in being in the prequalified pool and you missed the deadline, it’s never too late to begin the process. Contact Public Art Project Manager Randy Marks at 405/297-1274 or email randy.marks@okc.gov to make an appointment to get started.” 

TAG shared a call for artists for a project in Nashville, TN for the Metro Nashville Arts Commission to design, fabricate and install an iconic, permanent public artwork for The Fairgrounds Nashville (TFN).

An announcement that Oklahoma Contemporary Gallery is having a huge moving sale that will include all sorts of art supplies, many of which are free to educators, event accoutrement, and office equipment. The four day sale takes place August 6 through 9. 

Artspace at Untitled is hosting a series of workshops focusing on printmaking in the classroom. Summer Night Print Series Workshops would be a super way to expand your skills in several areas of printing. 

The Oklahoma State Fair has a new competition to register for this year. The first-ever Oklahoma State Fair Film Festival! The shared post gives links to registration for all five photography exhibitions which include; photography, photos from the Fair, photography show, State Fair Shutterbugs: Live Digital Photography Shootout, and Film Fest.

Helping artists with the business side of life is important to TAG, so things like a survey from CERF+ fits in perfectly. According to their website, “CERF+ is the artists safety net. We help artists get ready for emergencies and back on their feet after disasters.”

Downtown OKC Initiatives and Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership has put out an RFQ for a unique mural project in downtown OKC. The specialized skill set required for this request for qualifications might be just the ticket for some Guthrie artist!

Levitt AMP is promoting this year’s grant winners and putting a call out for next year’s entrants to get ready. Each year, the Levitt Foundation awards $25,000 matching grants to U.S.-based nonprofits serving small to mid-sized towns and cities to present the Levitt AMP Music Series, 10 free concerts that inject new life into public spaces and create vibrant community destinations. Winners are determined by online voting. As Guthrie’s arts nonprofit, TAG is interested in this grant. 

Many local events have also been shared on the page this month. There are chances to create and enjoy art all around you all the time. If you are an artist, there are a multitude of doors to open to expand your future audience. Take advantage of every one; open those doors. Check out The Arts in Guthrie- aka TAG on Facebook to keep up.