Year Pt 3


What would the month be in Guthrie without its biggest Red Bricks Night Show of the season and a fireworks show to match? A crowd of 8-10,000 people overflowed into the streets of downtown Guthrie for delicious food, outstanding music and lots of fireworks for the third year in a row.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation announced that the bridge replacement on Highway 77 north of town was running behind because of the May and June floods. While the bridge was completed, all the new roadwork to access the bridge was behind schedule. The project would finally get completed in December, much to the cheers of all the commuters that use the road to get to Guthrie daily.

The Logan County Fairground repairs were still ongoing, and the fair board was working hard to have all repairs done in time for the Free Fair in September. 

The Guthrie City Council had yet another hearing for dilapidated structures on two houses that had been destroyed by fire earlier in the year.

The ongoing Paige Powell case, from a 2014 fatal accident and subsequent manslaughter charge, was resolved as District Court Judge Phillip Corley found Powell guilty of manslaughter and gave Powell a ten year suspended sentence. Powell had entered a plea of no contest to the court.

The Guthrie City Council would have yet another discussion on the burned out buildings in downtown Guthrie and passed the ordinance necessary to make the structures a dilapidated building. In the same meeting, the council got into a heated discussion with Guthrie Police Chief Don Sweger over ammunition purchases and uses. There was no action taken at the meeting but the new budget that came out in August showed a drastically reduced expenditure on ammunition for the new fiscal year.

Banner Park would open this summer for all residents and the Double Stop fiddle Shop would reopen just down the street from the previous location.


The headlines of the month were the trial of Nathan LeForce for the 2015 killing of Logan County Deputy David Wade. The trial took four weeks to complete and while guilty verdicts were returned for first degree murder, larceny of a motor vehicle and armed robbery, the jury was unable to impose the death sentence the prosecution had sought with the jury hung 10-2 on that sentence. Corley ultimately sentenced LeForce to life without parole after the jury was hung 11-1 on the two sentence alternatives. LeForce also received another 67 years in prison, on the other two convictions, to be served consecutively to the life without parole sentence.

The Logan Fairgrounds remodel was completed this month just in time for the Free Fair in September.

A severe storm with winds up to 70 miles per hour would be the beginning of the end of the old Double Stop Fiddle Shop as the winds knocked over the east wall of the building making the structure unsafe. The building would be knocked down shortly after the Labor Day holiday.


The new school year was off and running and with that came good news over in Cashion. As the school patrons passed two bond issues, the first for $10.865 million for school building improvements and expansion and the second one for $8.885 million for athletic field and facilities upgrades. Both bonds based with a 69% approval rating.

The new campus for the Meridian Tech expansion in Guthrie broke ground and began dirt work for the project. The new buildings will be located on Division next to the Mercy Clinic.

The Logan County Free Fair was held at the refurbished and remodeled buildings with great success.