Reigning Territorial Governor Kailyn Swonger introduced the 2018 Territorial Governor and Junior Governor candidates who will vie for the title by collecting dollar vote donations until the winner is announced at the Territorial Christmas opening night celebration. 

ABOVE (l-r): Zach Wilkerson, Blakely Huskey, Jerry Casey, Shawnda Price, Kailyn Swonger and Verla Raines introduced themselves at Guthrie Chamber Coffee held Wednesday morning at The Boarding House. 

Three adult and two junior candidates announced their campaigns for Territorial Governor at Chamber Coffee last week. 

The friendly competition is an annual fundraiser for the non-profit Territorial Christmas activities. The candidates collecting the largest amount of donations will be named Territorial Governor and Jr. Governor at the lighting of the tree opening night festivities on November 24, 2018. Winners also hold the key to the city and help promote holiday traditions in Guthrie for the next year.

Jerry Casey, Shawnda Price and Verla Raines are contending for the role of Territorial Governor.

Shawnda Price, Director of Economic Development for the City of Guthrie, moved to Guthrie just over a month ago. Her energy was palpable as she shared that she wants to do everything she can to make Guthrie better for everyone.

Verla Raines has lived in Guthrie for six years and works in the Guthrie Tourism Department. She enjoys promoting all things Guthrie, and chances are that if you’ve met her on the street, she has probably told you about an event happening soon in town.

Jerry Casey, owner of Casey’s Crossthread Design and Promotions and supporter of the Miltary Veterans Rodeo Association, is the final adult candidate in the race.

An eight-year Cashion resident, Casey said his campaign motto is, “I can’t be voted for, but I can be bought,” as he jested about collecting votes and input on his costume choices.

Two Guthrie High School seniors, Blakely Huskey and Zach Wilkerson announced they will throw in for the Jr. Governor title.

Blakely Huskey, GHS Student Body President, was born and raised in Guthrie and said she has fond memories of participating in a variety of Guthrie’s holiday traditions.

Zach Wilkerson has also lived in Guthrie all his life. He serves in GHS Student Council and is a member of the Bluejay Basketball team. Wilkerson said he thinks it’s fun to help carry on the tradition.

Whoever wins, all of the candidates look forward to raising funds to help produce three glorious weekends in Guthrie: opening night on November 24 and Victorian Walks on December 8 and 15.