The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) is accepting applications online for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The federally-funded program helps income-eligible families with their winter heating bills. Eligible households already receiving public assistance through DHS were notified by mail of their pre-authorization to receive LIHEAP which means they do not need to apply. Households that were not pre-authorized, but receive assistance through DHS, can apply online at

DHS has $10 million in federal funds to allocate for this year’s winter heating program. Only one LIHEAP payment per household is allowed annually. Members of tribal households can apply through their tribal nation but cannot receive assistance from both DHS and their tribe during the same fiscal year.

Size of Household and Allowable Monthly Gross Income: 

  • One person: $1,316 
  • Two persons: $1,784 
  • Three persons: $2,252 
  • Four persons: $2,720 
  • Five persons: $3,188 
  • Six persons: $3,656 
  • Seven persons: $4,124 
  • Eight persons: $4,592 

Persons applying for LIHEAP are required to provide identification, social security number, verification of income and the most recent heating bill information for their home. For additional information and to apply for assistance, go to